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Harmony Architectural Associates

Harmony Architectural Associates Harmony Architectural Associates, PC is a full service Architectural Firm with a strongconstruction background and over 35 years experience. The firm was established in 1975 asHarmony Design Construction Group by William J. Ferraldo as a design/constructionmanagement firm and from 1986 to 2008 Harmony Design Group operated as a design/build architectural firm. Since 2008 Harmony Architectural Associates has operated primarily as an Architectural firm. The goal of the firm from its inception has been to pursue energy and material efficient structures, coupled with design innovation whenever possible. Sustainability has been an outgrowth of these pursuits. The firm has three principals who are registered to practice in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona, Vermont and North Carolina, with other state registrations in process. The goal of Harmony Architectural Associates has always been to provide innovative and comprehensive client services that benefit from our diverse architectural and construction expertise. Working with the design and construction team, we have developed green city homes that link innovative design with energy efficiency. The housing types respond to solar orientation and offer a range of living alternatives. All units integrate sustainable strategies and materials, and provide modern amenities in open, flexible plans designed for a 21st century lifestyle. Although contemporary in their management of resources, the homes and townhomes have timeless characteristics, such as screened front porches that engage in the social life of the community and private rear yards. Bringing sustainable design to modest size homes links the house to the neighborhood and the neighborhood to the residential fabric of the greater University area.

Bob Doucette

Bob Doucette headshot Bob Doucette has been an innovative and successful real estate developer in the Syracuse area for the past 28 years. He is guided by certain personal values and principles that are incorporated in all of his projects. The first principle is a belief that integration is favored over segregation. He does not support projects that separate people by any human characteristic be it race, ethnicity, or age. Secondly, he believes in conserving resources to every degree possible. Land, water, energy and reduction of our carbon footprint are goals of this project. In addition, the project will utilize existing infrastructure within the city that can be accessed by public transportation, bicycle, foot as well as the automobile. Third, as with previous work, this project respects the end user by providing real value. Along with Harmony architects, materials and building systems have been utilized that will not only last but also create a unique and comfortable place to live, a place to call "home". Bob’s mission is to create structures that he can point to with pride. Lastly, he believes strongly that you can only be as good as the team behind you.

Aaron Dewey

Aaron Dewey headshot Mr. Dewey was born and raised in upstate New York and learned the building trade from my grandfather. His company, Custom Building Ltd., Corp. was established in 1979 with a philosophy of quality, attention to detail and responsiveness to the customer.

In 1998 Custom Building Ltd., Corp. began an environmental initiative to reduce its’ impact on the environment and focused on the reuse of materials and equipment. Custom Building continues to believe in the necessity of protecting natural resources and minimizing the impact of construction on the environment. I am very excited to be a part of the Xavier Woods project because the preservation of resources including the use of the existing city fabric and infrastructure are goals that I share. These homes not only provide a distinctive architectural alternative for Syracuse but they utilize building products and systems that will provide buyers with a superior home. Many of our clients have become Aaron’s good friends. He hopes to make many new friends by the time this innovative project is complete.