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A New Perspective on City Living

There are several significant variables to consider answering the question "How much do these homes cost?" Xavier Woods offers long-term value that no other development can match. When evaluating price, consider these variables along with the value of the home you are purchasing. In the end the cost of home ownership is not limited to your monthly mortgage coupon.

  • The City of Syracuse is offering a very generous tax break on the construction of new homes within the City. The incentive available to you will be a full exemption of the City tax portion of your tax bill (approximately one half the total) for a period of seven years with the 8th year going to 75%, 9th year 50%, 10th year 25% and the 11th year full assessment. You're essentially cutting your bill in half for the first 7 years. For greater explanation visit www.syracuse.ny.us/Assessment.aspx and look at Property Tax Exemptions.
  • Affordable Homes – Xavier Woods’ five styles of designated homes start at $266,850. We’ve done our best to arrive at the lowest price possible while maintaining the highest quality of construction.
  • Maintenance Included – Your monthly fee takes care of landscaping, snow plowing, and repairs to the common area. Trash removal will be provided by the City of Syracuse. The materials used on the exterior of these homes were chosen for both their aesthetic value as well as their durability. Your cost is projected to be around $150 per month.
  • Low Utility Costs – Our homes are some of the most energy efficient homes you will find anywhere. For those of you that choose to install either solar hot water panels or photo voltaic panels there are a variety of New York State and Federal incentives to lower the initial installation costs. All houses will be pre-wired to allow for installation of these energy saving additions if you choose to add these packages in the future.
  • Resale Value – if and when you decide to sell you can be confident that the location and quality of your home will demand a premium in the Syracuse marketplace.
  • One Final Consideration – This last factor has nothing to do with our efforts but cannot be ignored. We currently have some of the lowest interest rates in the last 70 years. If you are in the market for a home now is a great time to buy.